Wander Field

Wander Field

GPS Address: 800 W Lincoln Ave, Ada, Ohio

Wander Field is the home of the Ohio Northern Polar Bear baseball program.

The field is named after former ONU trustee and 1924 graduate Ronald “Soc” Wander, who donated the funds for its construction. The field was dedicated in the fall of 1977 and gives ONU one of the better baseball facilities in the Ohio Athletic Conference.

In the past few years the facility has received an incredible and ongoing facelift. The auxiliary batting tunnel has been renovated, the bullpen and field pitching mounds have been rebuilt, the dirt portion of the infield was resurfaced. A brand new Dakronics scoreboard was also added to help keep Polar Bear fans and players on top of the action.

Additionally, the dugout areas have been renovated with the addition of a new Astroturf area in front of both dugouts. Altogether the facilities and the field surface are in the best shape they have been in recent years.

The Ohio Northern staff and players have taken the field management as a source of team pride and respect. This facility is a direct reflection of the commitment to the ONU baseball program.